Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Specials Week of 3/6-3/12

So close to Spring! It’s amazing to think that we are March already! Time has flown, but the weather is starting to get warmer, which is perfect for cloth diapering. There are so many different ways to wash/dry diapers, and everyone has a different system that works (or doesn’t work- in which case, we are here to help!), but my favorite part about spring is that I can finally start hanging my diapers outside! I do this in the summer and fall too, but with our heatwaves, spring is the perfect time! Benefits to sun-drying is that you lessen the wear on the diapers (you can also hang indoors) and the sun is amazing for getting rid of stains. You will often hear people talk about “sunning” diapers- use the sun to help you cut down on your electricity bill and work its magic!

5% off $25+ for military families with code: MILITARY(unlimited use)

$5 off a $45+ purchase with code: WELCOME (This is a one-time use)

Get a free full size Crow Mountain Crafts soap bar with a $59 purchase. These soaps are amazing! Feel free to specify scent preferences in your notes- we can’t guarantee your scent, but we will try!  Code FREESOAP

Get a free MotherMoonPad minky pantyliner with a $49 purchase code PANTYLINER (while supplies last)

*Please note that the restrictions on the coupon codes are that the purchase must be over $25 and the % and $ off won’t work on bumGenius, Flips, JuJuBe, Bumby, Ergo or Grovia items, as well as items already on sale, quantity discounts, and Mystery Fluff or rentals. Also codes cannot be combined so pick the best one for you and this is while supplies last! Codes can change or end at any time.
Jellystone 10% off

Clean Sypria 10% off

Product Stockings

Rockin’ Green came and went! We will be ordering more very soon!

Tots Bots Easy Fits and Tini Fits are here, including the London, New York, and Fairy Tale prints.

Bummis swim diapers have arrived! If you are planning a Spring Break getaway, now would be a great time to get these! Great quality, cute prints, and they do their job well.

We are well stocked on the Softbums March Calendar Bums green owls and still have Firecracker Red. We also restocked on some other colors and mini pods.

GroVia bioliners and 50 count biosoakers restocked.

Woollybottoms are here! I’m very impressed by these soakers- they are made with recycled wool as well as new wool for the trim and are really cute. They’re handmade and unique, and for just $23, are a great option for someone wanting to take a test drive with wool.

Swaddlebees restocked!

Peachy Greenis coming…

Clean Sypria has arrived! Lots of great spring scents!

Applecheeks restocked! We also have more covers and swim diapers that will be here very soon.

The new bumGenius Elementals are here!

We have pushed back the Bumby preorder so that it will start tomorrow. Normally it would have started the first of the month, but we were waiting for the release of the new colors so that we could include them in the preorders. The preorders will run through March 17th.

The Natural Products Expo
I’m very excited to say that we will be attending The Natural Products Expo is this weekend! Because we are such a small store, orders placed Thursday or Friday will ship early next week. I apologize for the delay, but on the positive side, we will be checking out new potential products!
Have a great week! Tami
Kissed by the Moon

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