Monday, March 25, 2013

Prize Spotlight: Grand Prize Mommy & Me, Sun & Snow Prize Pack, Try My Fluff Prize Pack

Let's start off with the Mommy & Me Grand Prize and tell you more about what this prize pack contains!

Boba Carrier
Sticky Tees Mama & Baby Advocacy T's
The Laundry Tarts: Detergent, Strip it, Stain Remover Bar and orange dreamsicle tumbler tart

The Boba Carrier was contributed by the folks over at Boba. This will come in the winner's choice of in stock color (at Kissed by the Moon). This versatile carrier has over a dozen features and can be used from the itty bitty newborn stage all the way through toddlerhood! The carrier is adjustable and can fit mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or anyone in between!

Sticky Tees was kind enough to contribute a matching set of Mama & Baby Advocacy T's. These are in the winner's choice of in stock shirts. Personally I have the breastfeeding love shirts for my daughter and I and we love them! Super comfy and soft. Your options will include wool, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, cosleeping, and other advocacy tees!

Rounding out this spectacular grand prize is a laundry pack coming from The Laundry Tarts! The lovely ladies over at The Laundry Tarts will be sending the winner a bag of detergent in the winner's choice of scent, Strip it, a stain remover bar, and a dreamsicle tumbler tart! This is one of my favorite detergents for my daughters clothes and the stain stick has taken out the worst of our EBF stains and even yucky shoe marks of my rocking chair's ottoman!

The next prize pack we will be talking about is the Sun & Snow Prize Pack

Bummis Swimi, Top, Hat
Kemaily gift certificate
Babee Greens Wool & Hat

First up in this prize pack is a Bummis set of a Swimi, UV top, and a hat! It might seem like summer is far away but here in California we are sun, surf, and sand already some weekends! If you want your little surfer dude/dudette to be safely rocking some sun this summer, this is the way to go!

Next is a gift certificate to Kemaily. The mama over at Kemaily provides lots of cute shirts, blankets, and hair accessories. We can't wait to see what you choose!
To complete this Sun and Snow is a Babee Greens Wool and Hat set. Babee Greens donated this set which we love, but they also carry a large variety of diapers, wipes, wool, and wipes. Personally I love their starter kit and think it would be a great gift for any pregnant mama!

The last prize pack we will be talking about today is the Try My Fluff Prize Pack.

CJs Fluff Hybrid Fitted
Blueberry Minky
BumGenius Freetime
EcoSprout 48oz Detergent

New to cloth diapers? Stuck in a rut? Just want to try something new? This is the prize pack for you!

Starting off the Try My Fluff Prize Pack is a hybrid fitted diaper from CJs Fluff. CJs Fluff is an awesome diaper brand run by a super sweet WAHM. These diapers are handmade with love in Northern California in a large variety of fabric prints and while they are not completely waterproof... they can be worn without a cover for approximately 2-4 hours! WOW!!! My daughter is allergic to PUL, a common fabric used in most modern cloth diapers, and a I love using hybrid fitteds because they are so gentle on her legs and I've gone coverless in a CJs Fluff Hybrid Fitted for five hours before!

Blueberry Minky are ultra plush minky outside, pocket inside, adorable all together diapers by Blueberry. This pocket diaper is very roomy with lots of space for doublers. One time in a pinch I even extra stuffed it enough that it lasted us all night! Now that's staying power. Blueberry recently absorbed Swaddlebees, their sister company, all under one name. So you can find everything from an AIO, to a pocket, to a cover, to tons of accessories under one awesome brand now!

So if you have all those diapers... what are you going to do with them? Wash them! One of our favorite detergents to use is EcoSprout detergent. In my house, I like to throw some in my pre rinse to help get all the ick out in the rinse. EcoSprout detergent comes in a variety of scents and is super sensitive for your baby's sweet skin. And its not limited to regular laundry! I've mixed some in the bath tub with some water and soaked my diapers overnight to get them bright and clean.

Haven't entered yet for a chance to enter these prizes? Head over to Dirty Diaper Laundry and RSVP to our Twitter party, we can't wait to tweet with you.

That's it for tonight everyone! Tune in tomorrow to see more prize packs and learn more about our awesome sponsors!

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