Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Specials Week of 2/27-3/5

Getting Excited!

I know some of you must get giddy talking about diapers and accessories. It never gets old for me. In a week, I will be attending the Natural Products Expo West, where a lot of companies will be showcasing their items. It will be neat to check out some new things to carry as well as meet the faces behind some of our current brands! I’m also excited that this past weekend we had some new items arrive, as well as some of my favorites.

5% off $25+ for military families with code: MILITARY (unlimited use)

$5 off a $45+ purchase with code: WELCOME (This is a one-time use)

Mystery Prize
- get an item worth 15%+ of your total order purchase on orders over $39+ code MYSTERYPRIZE. Don’t worry, we promise you will not get junk! Feel free to write type of item preferences (diaper, cream, babylegs, non-diaper etc.) For example, if you spend $55, you’d get something worth at least $8.25, so you might get a CJ’s or Crow Mountain Crafts product. Spend $100 and you could get a diaper or Jellystone teether, as a few examples.

Get a free MotherMoonPad minky pantyliner with a $49 purchase code PANTYLINER (while supplies last)

*Please note that the restrictions on the coupon codes are that the purchase must be over $25 and the % and $ off won’t work on bumGenius, Flips, JuJuBe, Bumby, Ergo or Grovia items, as well as items already on sale, quantity discounts, and Mystery Fluff or rentals. Also codes cannot be combined so pick the best one for you and this is while supplies last! Codes can change or end at any time.

Applecheeks covers 10% off

Sweet Pea covers 10% off

Loved newborn diapers an extra 10% off

Product Stockings

Rockin’ Green has arrived!

Crow Mountain Crafts soaps have restocked

Little Fancy Pants sold out but we have another order coming in a few weeks

Tots Bots we have tini fits and easy fits coming! We also have the new prints, Pooper Hero and Nature Girl that will be arriving- these are very limited quantities!

We have Bummis swim diapers heading our way and these should also be here in about a week

Softbums we currently do have Firecracker Red in stock and will be getting the March Calendar Bums in. This will be up once they are in our hands- don’t worry, we have a decent amount!

Woollybottoms will be arriving soon! They were supposed to be here already, but due to the bad weather, the shipment got delayed.

Peachy Greens will start the previews for the next release very soon and right after this, we’ll have our items for the release!

Swaddlebees will restock Thursday evening.

Clean Sypria is on its way to us!

Applecheeks swim diapers, inserts, and covers will restock in about a week.

The new bumGenius Elementals are still not here. There was a snow storm in the Midwest so things got delayed.

We are now carrying minky MotherMoonPads and couldn’t be more excited! These are super soft and we are loving the patterns. These are being offered in sets.

Bumby preorders will begin March 1 and run through the 14th. Anything Bumby offers you can get through us with these! The last preorder will be shipping to me Friday or early next week, and as soon as I get it I will send out items.
Homepage Photo Contest

The winner of our homepage contest is….Julie Jun! Congratulations! Stay tuned for our next contest!
Have a great week!

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