Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Prize Spotlight: Grand Prize Baby Kisses, Head to Bum Prize Pack, Wool You Be My Prize Pack, Everything But The... Prize Pack

 Tonight we are talking about the Baby Kisses Grand Prize as well as some other fun prize packs.

Kiwi Pie Fitted & Wool Cover
BALM! Baby Prize Pack:  Wipes Juice, Euc. Rub, Diaper Balm, Hand sanitizer, Be Well Stay Well natural defense tincture, baby shampoo/wash
Crow Mountain Crafts Lano & WW Bar
2 BG 4.0s & Cotton Babies Baby leggings
Geffen Baby wipes & super absorber 3 pack

The first prize in the Baby Kisses Grand Prize is a Kiwi Pie Fitted & Wool Cover. This is an oldie but a goodie now from GroVia. If you haven't tried fitteds before, this is definitely a good place to start. These fitteds come with a ton of absorbency in adorable prints! And what better to cover your fitted with than a wool cover! These gorgeous natural colored wool covers are soft and luxurious. GroVia also makes wool care products to take care of your wool. Why don't you go check it out now?

After that is a BALM! Baby Prize Pack including Wipes Juice, Eucalyptus Rub, Diaper Balm, Hand sanitizer, Be Well Stay Well natural defense tincture, baby shampoo/wash. BALM! Baby by THinc Skin carries a wide variety of products to take care of your baby and his soft sweet skin in almost any situation you can think of. I have even used the Eucalyptus Rub on myself when I had a cold. All natural skin care for your baby straight from Hawaii... can someone say Aloha?

Some of our favorite products come from WAHMs. One of those WAHMs is Lisa from Crow Mountain CraftsCrow Mountain Crafts makes a variety of baby, bath, and wool care items. For our Twitter party she was kind enough to contribute a wool wash bar and lanolin! These are a definite must for any wool user. I will even admit to using the wool wash bar on my hands for extra moisture during those harsh, dry winter months. For wool purposes, the Crow Mountain Crafts wool wash bar will leave a light delicious scent on your wool. Pair with a coordinating lanolin and you'll have wool you could almost eat! But please don't! (Check out her Etsy shop for some other delicious items.)

Now, I don't know about you... but my "gateway" diaper was a bumGenius pocket diaper. These come in a variety of colors from girly girl to boyish blue to limited edition prints. These diapers are made to be easy for every mom and every baby. And who wants to cover up that cute diaper with pants? Cottonbabies has contributed two bumGenius pocket diapers and a set of baby leggings! Perfect match don't you think?

So you have your diapers... and you have your wool... oh yeah and a baby... now what? Geffen Baby wipes and super absorbers! Cloth wipes aren't always an obvious thing for the cloth diapering mom. I never even though about it while I was stocking up on diaper after diaper after diaper. Suddenly I had a baby in my arms at home and a dirty diaper and a box of disposable wipes. The thought hit me... why? This is a hassle throwing away a sposie wipe and putting the diaper in a wet bag. I got right on my computer and ordered some wipes from Kissed by the Moon. Geffen Baby offered us a set of wipes and a 3 pack of Super Absorbers, for those long naps and when you want to wake up to a dry morning, to give away to a fan.

Forty41 Diaper & T Shirt set
SoftBums Newborn Pack
CJs Stick - Large

In the Head to Bum Prize Pack this covers your baby... from head to bum! Starting from the top we have a matching diaper and tshirt set from Forty41. This adorable set is gender neutral and retro with a classic telephone on the soft tee and super absorbent hybrid fitted diaper. These diapers can last through nap time coverless... WOW! And who would want to cover something up this adorable?

After that is the SoftBums Newborn Pack. Make no mistake... while this says newborn, its not just for itty bittys. SoftBums diapers are a true one size diaper. Most one size diapers don't fit your tiny tiny's little booty. But these do! In fact a SoftBums diaper was the first diaper my daughter ever wore with her skinny little legs and waist. 15 minutes after birth after some amazing cuddling, my midwife velcro'd on a Sugar & Spice Giraffes Echo. SoftBums has a great fan base and every month release a new color or print!

So... you want your baby's booty to stay soft and sweet and utterly kissable right? Kissed by the Moon has included a CJs Stick in this prize pack to make sure your baby has exactly that. Sometimes diaper irritation is inevitable. Babies are born with sensitive skin and that skin can get irritated by wetness, yeast, and who knows what else! This large stick in the winner's choice of in stock scent will help protect and heal that precious booty. And the buck don't stop there! I have a stick I save for myself when I have skin irritation. I've used mine on razor burn, sunburn, and dry skin. My CJs stick is always good for helping our skin get back to soft and normal!

Forward Thinking Hybrid Fitted
SoftBums Newborn Pack
Tiny Tunas Soaker

Wool You Be My Prize Pack? This prize pack has 3 great parts. The first is a Forward Thinking Hybrid Fitted diaper. With a rockin' outer fabric and a super absorbent inner, finally covered inside with uber soft cotton velour... where can you go wrong? These diapers are handmade with love by a mama and her family of helpers in Illinois. I've talked to Cheryl myself and this mama is for sure rockin'! She has generously offered up a hybrid fitted for the winner of this prize pack.

This pack also includes the SoftBums Newborn Pack which we talked about before... have I mentioned that this fits from newborn to toddlerhood?

Last up, wool you be mine oh Tiny Tunas? This is a two mama run company from our Canadian neighbors. Tiny Tunas has offered our winner their choice of an in stock wool soaker. Tiny Tunas also makes longies and shorties. If you're looking for something really exciting... check out their scrappies! Wool soakers are perfect for overnight protection and pair great with fitted diapers.  releases new custom dyed colors for each season so if you don't see something that suits you now make sure to keep watching... though I'm not sure how you couldn't love everything!

Haven't entered yet for a chance to enter these prizes? Head over to Dirty Diaper Laundry and RSVP to our Twitter party, we can't wait to tweet with you.

Little Fancy Pants Hybrid
SoftBums Newborn Pack
Domestic Diva Design Diaper
Ruby Moon Detergent & Pail Powder

Last but certainly not least is the Everything But The... Prize Pack! To start off this pack is a Little Fancy Pants Hybrid diaper. These are much sought after WAHM made diapers. Leah from Little Fancy Pants makes gorgeous fitted diapers that Kissed by the Moon has recently had the privilege of carrying. With a cute knit or woven outer print and soft cotton velour on the inside, your baby's booty will think it has been served a slice of heaven.

This pack also includes a SoftBums Newborn Pack. We love these diapers and hope you do too!

Domestic Diva Design is a relatively new WAHM brand diaper. These are hybrid fitteds and are stocked on her Hyena Cart store. These diapers often include windpro, an amazing water resistant fleece that keeps all the wet where it belongs. No leaks with these diapers! This WAHM also occasionally stocks other cute items like shirts and ties... be on the look out to build your stash.

Not a Tweeter? We are having a Facebook party with even more for fans too!

That's it for tonight everyone! Tune in tomorrow to see more prize packs and learn more about our awesome sponsors!

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