Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Attend the KBTM Facebook Party

So you RSVP'd, you did all your entries, and you're excited about the prizes. Now what? Here is your handy dandy guide on what do do!

How to participate:

  1. Have fun! Although there will be prizes (announced here on the blog, not on Facebook) this party is to celebrate and have fun. There will be games, but they are just for fun not prizes.
  2. The party will take place on the event page here. 
  3. Attendance is not required to win a prize.
  4. The party will run "officially" from 6pm PST/9pm EST through 7pm PST/10pm EST but you are welcome to pre-party and after-party. Feel free to talk to people and get to know your fellow Kissed by the Moon fans.
  5. Prizes will be announce on this blog: 10,000 Facebook Fan Winners Soon this will include a list of prizes. (We will tell you at the party when to check back for more winners.)
Please feel free to post any questions as comments and I will update this blog post answering questions as they come in.

10,000 Facebook Fan Winners

Please check back for the announcements! Winners will be emailed this weekend at the email you used when filling out the Rafflecopter form. Please check all your emails if you can't find it!
If a winner does not respond to their prize redemption email within 48 hours, Kissed by the Moon reserves the right to redraw that prize.

First set of winners:

Lauren Gromlowicz Stevens: Baby Roman Hybrid fitted diaper
Sasha Oystrakh: Baby Roman Undies in winner's choice of size
Michelle Briggs: Brienne's Woolies Hand Knit Shorties Custom Slot
Ashley Pistolis: Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier
 Beth Latoszynski: Crazy Leggies $10 off $20 coupon
Whitney Bausola-Donaldson: Ella Bella Bum OS Designer Wrap Around Embellished Pocket
Megan George: Ella Bella Bum Set of 3 hand dyed, cotton velour Mama Cloth.

Second set of winners:

Liz Weldy:Happy Booty Boutique $15 credit
Lyssa Bennett Ortega: Hello Charlotte James Headband/Bow Clip in Winner's Choice of Color
Sarah Hayes: Jelly bear Boutique Custom spot
Joann Postles-Ortman: Ladybug on a Pug 6 standard wipes (8"x8") and 3 travel wipes (5"x7")
 Sarah Horst: Lambie Grammies Dryer Ball set and set of flannel wipes
Erin Woolley: Lavanna/Pangea Skincare Discovery Kit
Heather McKenzie Carter: milkmakers Lactation Cookies - Winner's Choice of Flavor

Third set of winners:

Brandi Henderson: Meg&Aly Infinite Designs Scarf
Lisa Keiser: Meg&Aly Infinite Designs Scarf
Emily Frederiksen: My Initials Inc - Jessica D Aqua Tote winners choice of color & personalization
Virginia Shimchick Higgins: Nic and Elli 2 Pocket diapers and a Large Chevron Wetbag
Morgan HudsonLPampered Mama $25 credit
Louly McButter: Paperless Kitchen 20 Skoy Cloth
Onna Marie Tellex: Patty Pants Hybrid Fitted Diaper
Samantha Cuhel: Pretty Mommies complete set of Pretty Mommies

Fourth set of winners:

Emily Kerby: Smart Bottoms Smart Bottoms 3.0 and Wet bag
Brittany Clark: Spray Pal Spray Pal system
Shanda Frydenlund : Sweet Pea Organics Oat Teething Biscuits, Toddler Protein Bars and a B.R.A.T. Bar bag plus toddler size Sweet Pea Organics T-shirt
Charity Meals: Turtle Soup RYLOwear Hat/Beanie
Lucinda Irvine Avis: Turtle Soup Sun hat and Swim bottom set
Katelyn Piotrowicz: Turtle Soup Wee Woolie Boxer Brief AND Wee Beginner Boxer Brief Combo
Danielle Bowers: Urban Bums Boutique Hybrid Fitted Diaper
Jessica Burris: Woodland Owl Trinkets Nesting Necklace

Fifth set of winners:

Denise Giewat Harlacher: Wunder Unders Mini Wet Bag
Nicole Bailon: Kissed by the Moon $25 GC
Kerri Ann Desmarais: Kissed by the Moon $25 GC
Heather Betsko: Kissed by the Moon Tots Bots Easy Fit, Winner's Choice
Lauren Champagne: Kissed by the Moon Peachy Green Switcheroo, Winner's Choice
Hollie Nolting: Kissed by the Moon AppleCheeks Diaper, Winner's Choice
Megan Doggett: Kissed by the Moon NEW Print BG 4.0
Ashley Bohnert: Kissed by the Moon Jellystone Smart Phone Teether
Bridget Lawson: Kissed by the Moon 3 pack of Planetwise Snack Bags

RSVP here
Enter to win here
Entries close at 5pm PST/8pm EST to give us time to draw winners!

And here are the prizes!
(Please note that while we tried to get pictures of exact prizes, that is not possible in all cases so some prizes may vary from the pictures.)

Baby Roman: Hybrid fitted diaper
Baby Roman: Undies in winner's choice of size (same print as above diaper)
Brienne's Woolies: Hand Knit Shorties Custom Slot
Catbird Baby: Pikkolo Carrier
Crazy Leggies: $10 off $20 coupon
Ella Bella Bum: OS Designer Wrap Around Embellished Pocket
Ella Bella Bum: Set of 3 hand dyed, cotton velour Mama Cloth.
Happy Booty Boutique: $15 credit

Hello Charlotte James: Headband/Bow Clip in Winner's Choice of Color

Jelly Bear Boutique: Custom spot
Ladybug on a Pug: 6 standard wipes (8"x8") and 6 travel wipes (5"x7")
Lambie Grammies: Dryer Ball set and set of flannel wipes
Lavanna Hazel // Pangea Organics Beauty Ecologist: Skincare Discovery Kit

milkmakers: Lactation Cookies - Winner's Choice of Flavor
Meg&Aly Infinite Designs: Infinity Scarf
Meg&Aly Infinite Designs: Infinity Scarf (pictured above)
My Initials Inc - Jessica D: Aqua Tote with winners choice of color and personalization
Nic and Elli: 2 Pocket diapers and a Large Chevron Wetbag
Pampered Mama: $25 Store Credit
Paperless Kitchen: 20 pack of the Skoy Cloth 

Patty Pants: Hybrid Fitted Diaper
Pretty Mommies: complete set of Pretty Mommies
Smart Bottoms: Smart Bottoms 3.0 and Wet bag
Spray Pal: Spray Pal system
Sweet Pea Organics: Oat Teething Biscuits, Toddler Protein Bars and a B.R.A.T. Bar bag plus toddler size Sweet Pea Organics T-shirt
Turtle Soup: RYLOwear Hat/Beanie
Turtle Soup: Sun hat and Swim bottom set
Turtle Soup: Wee Woolie Boxer Brief AND Wee Beginner Boxer Brief Combo
Urban Bums Boutique: Hybrid Fitted Diaper
Woodland Owl Trinkets: Birds Nest Necklace
Wunder Unders: Mini Wet Bag

Kissed by the Moon: $25 GC
Kissed by the Moon: $25 GC
Kissed by the Moon: Tots Bots Easy Fit, Winner's Choice
Kissed by the Moon: Peachy Green Switcheroo, Winner's Choice
Kissed by the Moon: AppleCheeks Diaper, Winner's Choice
Kissed by the Moon: NEW Print BG 4.0
Kissed by the Moon: Jellystone Smart Phone Teether

Kissed by the Moon: 3 pack of Planetwise Snack Bags

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prize Spotlight: Toddler Grand Prize, Fresh Little Squish Prize Pack

Toddler Grand Prize
CJs Fluff Trainer
Maxaloones by Max and Meena
Tru Kid Shampoo, conditioner and detangler; Hero stick
Adorn with A&M Chalk mat/roll set
Bumby Legs
5 Pack of Planet Wise Snack Bags

Don't think we were going to leave your toddler out of the fun! CJs Fluff contributed a trainer to one lucky winner of this spectacular grand prize. Your toddler will be stylin and profilin in an amazing trainer from CJs. These come in different sizes to fit your potty learning little one perfectly. With hidden layers of absorbency to combat those "oops" moments, every toddler needs a pair or 6! (Because they won't want to wear anything else.)

Now sometimes you might be able to convince your toddler to leave the house. And when you do its kinda important that they wear pants (sometimes anyways). When pants are a must, Maxaloones by Max and Meena are a great adorable solution. These fit over cloth diapers for your littlest or over trainers. Sized to fit a large range of babies and toddlers by folding up or down, a pair of Maxaloones is bound to be a winner in your diva's eyes.

They are called the terrible twos, and threes and fours and..., for a reason. Sometimes you work up a sweat just trying to wrestle your little... angel... into the tub. And once you have them there TruKid has the products to make bath tub fun and get you a sparkling clean little one. For the next 5 minutes anyways. Tru Kid Shampoo, conditioner and detangler are everything you need to scrub down. And for those booboos that every toddler gets? Hero Stick to the rescue! You don't have to worry about any icky ingredients either.  TruKid is all natural!

So this past holiday season I was hunting for a gift for Tami's (owner of Kissed by the Moon) kids. I made a commitment to purchase small business/WAHM only and when I found the Adorn with A&M Chalk mat/roll set I knew that was what her littles were getting! With so many cute choice and an option to add a coordinating chalk roll to go with your mat you really can't go wrong. These work great to double as placemats or for an awesome in the car toy. Why don't you ask Tami how much her kids love theirs?

Some of our wool BFFs over at Bumby realized there was something missing. Some mamas love wool soakers but want to cover up some bare legs... but don't want to cover the wool! What a conundrum. Bumby Legs were born! Like other baby leggings but made with wool, a set of these completes your woolie dreams. Kissed by the Moon tip? Order some shorties or a cover with Bumby Legs in a coordinating color to match!

So we've cleaned, trainered, clothed, and entertained your spunky monkey. What's left? Feed! Kissed by the Moon contributed a 5 Pack of Planet Wise Snack Bags to handle your on the go snacking needs. These are available in a variety of prints and colors to match your little ones favorites and interests. With velcro to secure the bag shut, you can be sure to toss these in the purse or diaper bag with no issues. Why didn't you think of this sooner?

WhiskeyTango Fluff Newborn Diaper
Thirsties AIO Set & Booty Love
Woollybottoms Soaker & Lano Sample

And for all the new moms is the Fresh Little Squish Prize Pack. WhiskeyTango Fluff has contributed a hybrid fitted newborn diaper just for your fresh little squish. These are made soft, stretchy, and absorbent to handle everything your newborn can throw at it, while still being gentle on that fresh little booty. Personally, I am demanding the winner post a picture of their little one in the diaper. Its a must!

Next for your littlest little is from Thirsties. They are sending you a Thirsties AIO Set & Booty Love. Size 1 Thirsties AIOs were one of the first to fit my newborn daughter. We had a lot of problems with legs not being tight enough causing leaks and the Thirsties AIO gave my long skinny daughter the perfect fit. These were my go to for going out diapers in the first few months!

Woollybottoms Soaker & Lano Sample are exactly the right thing to put on over that newborn fitted diaper. As a first time new mom all I wanted was some sleep. Please. SLEEP!!! I remember falling asleep in the bed with my new baby one of the first few days and we slept for 3 hours. And I woke up wet. Well she was wet but I got wet too. How do you avoid that? Wool is a great solution. And Woollybottoms makes excellent wool covers that come sized to fit the littlest squish to the potty learning toddler.

Haven't entered yet for a chance to enter these prizes? Head over to Dirty Diaper Laundry and RSVP to our Twitter party, we can't wait to tweet with you.

Not a Tweeter? We are having a Facebook party with even more for fans too! 

Get ready to tweet with us tonight!

Prize Spotlight: Mama Kisses Grand Prize, On The Go Prize Pack, Fresh and Dry Booty Prize Pack

What about you? The mama. Its a job that is often thanked only in two toothed smiles, drooly opened mouthed kisses, and poop everywhere. For our favorite mamas we have a Grand Prize just for you. And some prize packs for your baby. But let's focus on you first mama.

Mama Kisses Grand Prize
JuJuBe PackaBe
THinc. Skin Mama Prize Pack:  PITS, SPRITZ!  Dreamy Body Butter & 9oz. Liquid soap.
Pampered Mama Cloth Set
delish set: Glam glow scrub, lotion, and handmade soap

What was that? One of the most super awesome-tastic diaper bags ever??? Yes ma'ams! Its the JuJuBe PackaBe! A back pack style, stylish, holds everything plus more, so cute your husband might even use it diaper bag. Have I mentioned I love these? I might have a slight diaper bag addiction since I keep ordering JuJuBe bags. But really. You can fit so much in these and it doesn't even look like you're carrying a diaper bag! Try enough for 10 diaper changes. Hello! Amazing! And if that isn't enough try super cushy shoulder straps since with all your packin' in your brand new PackaBe it might get a little heavy. Pockets galore? That's right! You'll have to send us pictures once you get it!

After all those long days trucking around with your babies... what does every mama need? Skin care! THinc Skin has PITS to cover your pits (long hot trip to the zoo anyone?), SPRITZ to cover you and everything around you smelling nice and fresh, and some Dreamy Body Butter to hold it all in and keep your skin soft and smooth. And when you need to wash your skin for the hundredth time after the hundredth diaper? Liquid soap just for you. No sharing dads! Just kidding... maybe.

I know when its "that time of the month" (does anyone else hate that phrase?) I am not necessarily in the best mood for a couple days. This can be a sensitive subject... but "conventional" period care items can be uncomfortable! I know I never felt completely right that week with something extra added or what felt like a disposable diaper between my legs. Then I got mama cloth.. and mamas let me tell you... Pampered Mama is where its at. Mama cloth is like heaven for your hoo-ha. Soft and stain resistant, treat yourself to some comfort on those uncomfortable days. Its not hard, just toss in a wet bag, then when the misery is over toss your Pampered Mama in the washer. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Calling all dads... calling all dads! Your significant other needs a break. Mamas are on call 24/7/365 it feels like. And sometimes we just want to bathe (or pee) in peace. Dads, take the kids, hand mom a glass of wine (or sparkling cider), and leave her be with some delish. Mamas can relax in peace with some delish scrub, soap, and lotion to lock in that moisture. Take your time mama. Relax.

Rainbow Waters Hybrid
Planet Wise Sports Bag
Rockin Green Deteregent & Funk Rock

Now that you're nice and relaxed its time for the On The Go Prize Pack. Have you ever been out and had your little one's diaper leak? Well that's not happening with a Rainbow Waters Hybrid. Feel free to shop and run errands galore and these awesome hybrid fitted diapers won't leak. Perfect for naps, perfect for a road trip, and cute to boot!

But no diaper lasts forever... so when its time to change you can toss that diaper in your Planet Wise Sports Bag. Planet Wise has tons of wet bags in more prints that you would think possible. Hanging wet bags, large, medium, small, wipes bags, travel wet bags (which I personally use for mama cloth), even snack bags (we will touch on those in another blog post!). You can go wrong and when you're on the run this is a great bag to grab!

We got the funk.. we got the funk! Well not really. But do you? And do you want to get rid of it? Rockin Green Funk Rock can take care of that for you! To complete this prize pack, Rockin Green has decided to give this lucky winner a bag of detergent and a bag of Funk Rock. Try the detergent on your clothes! Or your mama cloth! Rockin Green has detergent in Hard, Classic, and Soft Rock to tailor exactly to your water type. Cloth diapers got the funk? Rock that funk right out with Funk Rock!

LilyLouHoo Hybrid
Tootiewilly Upcycled Wool Cargo Shorties
LuSa Wipe Juice & Booty Balm

I don't know about you but it seems like whenever I give my daughter a bath she poops. Every. Time. Its not just me right? All I want is a Fresh and Dry Booty (Prize Pack)! So its time to strap on her LilyLouHoo Hybrid. These diapers have worked SO well for me. For some reason my daughter thinks her LilyLouHoo diapers are specifically for pooping (if your listening Jilly... they aren't!). It seems like every time I put one on her I am smelling something not so sweet 10 minutes later. The good news? LilyLouHoo has lasted us through the WORST the NASTIEST the ICKIEST poops ever. Teething poops, EBF explosions. I never have to worry. And that will ease any cloth diapering mom's mind! Recently she expanded to doll carriers, doll diapers, keychains, and a few other goodies. Check out her store!

For those times when your diaper lasts longer than 10 minutes... what should you cover it with? Tootiewilly Upcycled Wool of course! The maker of Tootiewilly custom upcycled these wool shorties JUST for our winner? How adorbs are these? I kinda wish I could keep them for myself but I like you guys so I guess I'll share.... These are cargo shorties with functional snapping pockets with a super cute star detail! Upcycled woolies are made from sweaters so you can be super confident this wool is uber soft against your little ones skin. These are truly a work of art and even if you don't score this prize pack, watch out for Tootiewilly to stock more woolie art on her store page (and this store page because she's that awesome)! They are worth snagging for sure.

So we covered the dry booty... now to freshen it up. My go to booty balm is LuSa's. This balm has a light scent and is all natural with ingredients I can pronounce. To me that's extremely important. Its cloth diaper safe and made to soothe and protect your baby's bum. A fresh booty wouldn't be complete without some LuSa Organics wipe juice! Mix this up to make your very own wipes solution to clean up that squishy booty. Then tell your friends about it because this stuff is amazing. I can't get over the pure scent. Have you ordered some yet?

Haven't entered yet for a chance to enter these prizes? Head over to Dirty Diaper Laundry and RSVP to our Twitter party, we can't wait to tweet with you.

Not a Tweeter? We are having a Facebook party with even more for fans too! 

That's it for tonight everyone! Tune in tomorrow to see more prize packs and learn more about our awesome sponsors!