Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prize Spotlight: Toddler Grand Prize, Fresh Little Squish Prize Pack

Toddler Grand Prize
CJs Fluff Trainer
Maxaloones by Max and Meena
Tru Kid Shampoo, conditioner and detangler; Hero stick
Adorn with A&M Chalk mat/roll set
Bumby Legs
5 Pack of Planet Wise Snack Bags

Don't think we were going to leave your toddler out of the fun! CJs Fluff contributed a trainer to one lucky winner of this spectacular grand prize. Your toddler will be stylin and profilin in an amazing trainer from CJs. These come in different sizes to fit your potty learning little one perfectly. With hidden layers of absorbency to combat those "oops" moments, every toddler needs a pair or 6! (Because they won't want to wear anything else.)

Now sometimes you might be able to convince your toddler to leave the house. And when you do its kinda important that they wear pants (sometimes anyways). When pants are a must, Maxaloones by Max and Meena are a great adorable solution. These fit over cloth diapers for your littlest or over trainers. Sized to fit a large range of babies and toddlers by folding up or down, a pair of Maxaloones is bound to be a winner in your diva's eyes.

They are called the terrible twos, and threes and fours and..., for a reason. Sometimes you work up a sweat just trying to wrestle your little... angel... into the tub. And once you have them there TruKid has the products to make bath tub fun and get you a sparkling clean little one. For the next 5 minutes anyways. Tru Kid Shampoo, conditioner and detangler are everything you need to scrub down. And for those booboos that every toddler gets? Hero Stick to the rescue! You don't have to worry about any icky ingredients either.  TruKid is all natural!

So this past holiday season I was hunting for a gift for Tami's (owner of Kissed by the Moon) kids. I made a commitment to purchase small business/WAHM only and when I found the Adorn with A&M Chalk mat/roll set I knew that was what her littles were getting! With so many cute choice and an option to add a coordinating chalk roll to go with your mat you really can't go wrong. These work great to double as placemats or for an awesome in the car toy. Why don't you ask Tami how much her kids love theirs?

Some of our wool BFFs over at Bumby realized there was something missing. Some mamas love wool soakers but want to cover up some bare legs... but don't want to cover the wool! What a conundrum. Bumby Legs were born! Like other baby leggings but made with wool, a set of these completes your woolie dreams. Kissed by the Moon tip? Order some shorties or a cover with Bumby Legs in a coordinating color to match!

So we've cleaned, trainered, clothed, and entertained your spunky monkey. What's left? Feed! Kissed by the Moon contributed a 5 Pack of Planet Wise Snack Bags to handle your on the go snacking needs. These are available in a variety of prints and colors to match your little ones favorites and interests. With velcro to secure the bag shut, you can be sure to toss these in the purse or diaper bag with no issues. Why didn't you think of this sooner?

WhiskeyTango Fluff Newborn Diaper
Thirsties AIO Set & Booty Love
Woollybottoms Soaker & Lano Sample

And for all the new moms is the Fresh Little Squish Prize Pack. WhiskeyTango Fluff has contributed a hybrid fitted newborn diaper just for your fresh little squish. These are made soft, stretchy, and absorbent to handle everything your newborn can throw at it, while still being gentle on that fresh little booty. Personally, I am demanding the winner post a picture of their little one in the diaper. Its a must!

Next for your littlest little is from Thirsties. They are sending you a Thirsties AIO Set & Booty Love. Size 1 Thirsties AIOs were one of the first to fit my newborn daughter. We had a lot of problems with legs not being tight enough causing leaks and the Thirsties AIO gave my long skinny daughter the perfect fit. These were my go to for going out diapers in the first few months!

Woollybottoms Soaker & Lano Sample are exactly the right thing to put on over that newborn fitted diaper. As a first time new mom all I wanted was some sleep. Please. SLEEP!!! I remember falling asleep in the bed with my new baby one of the first few days and we slept for 3 hours. And I woke up wet. Well she was wet but I got wet too. How do you avoid that? Wool is a great solution. And Woollybottoms makes excellent wool covers that come sized to fit the littlest squish to the potty learning toddler.

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