Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bummis new Potty Pants (training pants) Review

by: Tami Nelson

When I heard that Bummis was coming out with a new trainer, I was super excited to try these out! My son is almost out of cloth, but we are still potty training, so this would be perfect for us. I wanted to check out the sizing, as a lot of training pants are too small for my almost 40 lb. boy. Here are some of the features that Bummis advertises with the trainers:
Special features of the Potty Pant:
Very trim – can easily be worn under clothing. No fluffy bums here!
Looks like underwear – let your little one feel like a big kid! Easy on, easy off.
Accidents? No problem. Two hidden absorbent layers where it counts. One layer of long loop cotton terry and one layer of microfiber. Training takes practice!
Soft lining made of natural cotton-hemp fabric for maximum comfort and to allow for that helpful sensation of wetness.
Outer layer of waterproof fabric prevents leaks.
Stretchy lightweight side panels make for a trimmer fit, ultimate comfort and greater adjustability. Will accommodate wee ones of all sizes – from skinny minis to chunky monkeys!
Different sizes allow for a perfect fit. Most kids will potty train within a few months and will probably wear the same size throughout the process.
The Potty Pant is absorbent and was designed to prevent leaks when accidents happen. It was not designed to be as absorbent as a diaper, so may not be appropriate at nap time or bed time for some big-kids-in-training.
The potty pant is made in a Bummis factory in Montreal, Canada, so we know that the products are made fairly and are good quality. The fabric and parts are also sourced in North America, and are guaranteed to be free of BPA, lead, and phthalates.

And here is the sizing chart:

18-25 lbs / 8-11 kg
25-30 lbs / 11-14 kg
30-35 lbs / 14-16 kg
35 lbs and up / 16 kg and up

So my own thoughts about these…I am in love! The sizing seems true. We used the x-large and it fits well for us. Not loose or saggy at all, but not tight to where we have pain or marks- it fits similarly to underwear. It is stretchy so I am guessing that we could go a few more pounds with the same size (which is important because there isn’t a larger size!) The thing that’s good about the different sizing is that things fit well without having a huge bunching issue. That’s the downside with trainers that are one size. The Bummis Potty Pants are very trim and they DO fit like underwear. No poofy butt and very similar to the undies we use. The positive with this is that he feels like a big boy and calls these “underwear”. If he were to poop, it’s stretchy enough on the sides so that we could easily get these off of him without the grossness factor, (for trainers that snap on the side to alleviate the poop issue I recommend the Flip trainers, but more for medium/larger babies because they are one size), so I am not worried about this.
The thickness is enough that if he does pee, it won’t leak or go through his trainers. I like that it’s not totally waterproof like a diaper would be, because as we potty train, I want him to feel when he is wet, but I don’t want him to soak through his clothing. The Bummis Potty Pants are the perfect trainers for this.
The last reason I love these, other than functionality and design, is that these are made in Canada. The materials are sourced in North America and totally free of BPA and other harmful materials. I know that the workers at the factory are getting treated well and get fair wages, which is important to me.

I had a hard time finding any negatives with these. The only one I have is that currently there are only two color options- White and Pistachio dot, which is a bright green with pink dots. A Denim Dot will be released soon, which is a boyish dark blue dot version, but even so, if you like prints and want a gender- specific option, you will have only one color. If you don’t mind mixing with white or don’t really care, it’s not a big deal, but this was the only drawback I could find for these.

There are many trainers out there to choose from, but only a handful that I can say I truly love and these are one of them! Bummis Potty Training Pants are available from Kissed by the Moon
for $15.95.


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