Thursday, February 21, 2013

Specials Week of 2/20-2/26

Lots of Items Heading our Way!

Every time I think we are good as far as products, I come across something that I MUST have. Sometimes I’m good and restrain myself, but other times I just go for it! That means that if there’s something that you love and would like to see us carry, feel free to shoot me a message. There might be the greatest thing out that that I don’t know about! In any case, I WILL say that we have a lot of goodies coming! 

5% off $25+ for military families with code: MILITARY (unlimited use) 

$5 off a $45+ purchase with code: WELCOME (This is a one-time use) 

This week, spend $45, get a free pair of Babylegs code FEBLEGS 

Buy a fitted diaper and a wool cover, get a free full sized wool product code FEBWOOL 

*Please note that the restrictions on the coupon codes are that the purchase must be over $25 and the % and $ off won’t work on bumGenius, Flips, JuJuBe, Bumby, Ergo or Grovia items, as well as items already on sale, quantity discounts, and Mystery Fluff or rentals. Also codes cannot be combined so pick the best one for you and this is while supplies last! Codes can change or end at any time. 

Loved Mystery Fluff- get an extra 5% worth of items so instead of 25% more, you will get a whopping 30%! We just got in tons of really nice loved fluff in too, so take advantage of this! 

CJ’s tubes 10% off 

Product Stockings

Baby Greens has shipped- we have some new wool items from them coming any day now 

Rockin Green shipped and will be here very soon 

Geffen Baby restocked 

JuJuBe Be Quicks restocked- we have some new prints! Remember, if you are interested in getting a JuJuBe bag and would like to support us, please shoot us an e-mail and we can order it for you. This usually takes 1-2 weeks- JuJuBe doesn’t allow % off sales, so the prices will be the same everywhere! If you buy through us you get rewards points and awesome customer service(-: 

Sweet Pea Covers restocked 

Baltic Amber necklaces restocked 

Crow Mountain Crafts shipped and will be here soon 

Little Fancy Pants arrived and will stock Thursday night 6pacific/9 eastern. 

Swaddlebees has been ordered and will arrive in a week or so. 

The new bumGenius Elementals have been ordered, but since we’re on the West Coast, it takes a little longer for things to get to us! Please be patient(: 

Tots Bots Bamboozles, Tini Fits, and Easy Fits (including the new Nature Girl and Pooper Hero) prints will ship to us very soon! We are getting some of our backordered items too. 

Little Joey will restock soon. 

Clean Sypria has been ordered and will ship soon. These wool dryer balls never last too long!

Homepage Photo Contest

Our photo contest on our facebook page is open and we’re looking for green/spring pictures for our new homepage picture. I’ll pick a winner 2/23!
Click HERE to enter a photo now!
Have a great week!

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