Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The NEW and improved bumGenius Elemental

by: Tonia Derouin

The NEW and improved bumGenius Elemental is a one size, all-in-one cloth diaper made with a 100% organic
cotton inside. The Elemental features a new ultra trim fit, adjusted sizing to fit more babies better and you can
easily tuck in additional inserts for increased absorbency. The organic cotton 6-layer soaker is sewn on each
end of the diaper but is not attached to the sides which better accommodates additional inserts and allows for faster
drying time. It has snap closures, a waterproof outer cover and is made in the USA!

In the new design (shown on left), the organic cotton is
no longer attached at the sides allowing for a better, trimmer
fit than the original version (shown on right).

I previously owned the original version of the bumGenius Elemental and I definitely prefer the new and improved design. My two biggest complaints about the original version were leaks around the leg area due to the organic cotton 'rolling' outside of the waterproof cover and the drying time. Both of these issues were addressed in the new design and I now love this diaper! I use it as a nighttime diaper for my 23 pound, 16 month old daughter and have never had a leak. I add a Thirsties doubler and a Zorb insert between the two, layered, organic cotton soakers and even with the added inserts, the diaper still fits very well and is super trim. Out of curiosity, I decided to weigh the diaper before and after use to see just how much was being absorbed by this workhorse diaper. The clean, dry diaper (with added inserts) weighs 6.5 ounces and in the morning after being on my babe for 13+ hours, the diaper weighed in at 1 pound, 9 ounces! That is over a pound of liquid absorbed without any leakage. I love this diaper and would definitely recommend it as a good daytime or nighttime option for any babe! 

As shown in the above photo (with the original version laid on top of the NEW version), the NEW version is now wider and will fit more babies better!

The organic cotton soakers are now sewn differently allowing for easier stuffing, faster drying and a more trim fit.

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