Friday, July 19, 2013

Cake Lingerie Review

Cake Lingerie has been so amazing to again send me a set to review... and this time they are giving you the chance to win one of TWO sets! For a chance to win please see this blog post about Mom's Night In.

I received this set to review in June, and let me say, it was PERFECT timing. I was about to go on the first plane trip with my (then) 13 month old. Um... nightmare! Going on a plane trip to Texas isn't a walk in the park even without a one year old... but with a one year old, I was slightly terrified. I did lots of research, figured out a game plan, and picked out an outfit. You can bet that leading up my arsenal was this set from Cake Lingerie.

Rewind... when I opened the box I was amazed. First of all, it arrives and looks like a present. And then I opened it. It was soft, it was smooth, it was pretty, it looked SO comfortable. Just like last time, I was nervous to "de-NIP" something so nice. I'm a mom! I'm used to getting nice stuff *cough cough* diapers *cough cough* for my daughter, not myself. This... this was a treat. A big fat delicious slice of chocolate cake treat. And I don't remember the last time I had a slice of cake. 

So back to the plane trip... I got dressed at ugh 5am. Got the baby ready. Went to Los Angeles International Airport... yeah... LAX. One of the busiest airports in the world. Cah-ray-zee. Per usual. But due to my Ergo and my set from Cake Lingerie... I. Was. So. Comfortable. I was able to get Jilly back to sleep and nursing happily all while trudging through that airport. The one flaw was the rise of the briefs. I am one of those lucky moms who got back to a smaller size post pregnancy. I have breastfeeding to thank for that... and fantastic nursing bras to make it easier and comfortable. Back to the briefs, thanks to my shrinkage I can wear nice jeans. Jeans that are typically low rise and these briefs are more high rise. Not such a big deal with sweats around the house or at night, just not a match for a lot of jeans.

That said, I did wear the set again for the return trip, because you really can't beat that comfort. And the return trip... just as easy, just as comfortable! Even the plane trip was nice and comfy. The baby slept, I read, and neither of us were poked or prodded or bothered by any uncomfortable piece of clothing.

I only wish I had this set when I was a new mom. I would have been SO MUCH more comfortable living and sleeping in the same clothes for 24 (ok, ok 36) hours straight if the foundation of those clothes were this set. New moms have so much stress and are already pretty uncomfortable from various things. This set also would have been perfect for pregnancy. All that swelling, changing, ugh... I can't wait to go back. With this set, the aches and pains of pregnancy will be much easier.

(Shout out to Twinkie Tush diapers, cute cloth diapers that I love!)

Now lets get into some details..

"The Luxury Seamless Maternity/ Nursing Brief is silky soft & built for comfort. This matching mid-waisted brief is made from a super fine knit for an ultra comfortable feel. So soft, you won't even know they're on!"

  • Easy Sizing - S, M, L, XL - See sizing grid
  • Fashionable colours and several designer elements
  • Innovative low T-back for medium levels of support
  • Fabric moulded cups for smooth seamless appeal
  • Side Sling for discreet feeding & shape
  • No itchy garment tags
  • Adjustable hooks & eyes for fitting preference
  • Great elastic stretch & memory
  • Additional side panel support ribbing
  • Mid-waisted matching briefs available
  • Made with unique, silky-soft yarn for ultra comfort
  • 90% Polyester 10% Elastane (excl of trims)
  • Cool machine wash

"The Luxury Seamless Maternity/ Nursing Bra is silky soft & built for comfort. Its carefully positioned double-layered side sling, strength panels and T-back structure are designed to maximise lift and support. The Luxurious Seamless Maternity/ Nursing Bra is ideal during the initial stages of pregnancy, immediately post childbirth and as a sleep-bra, when your breasts are rapidly changing in size & shape. This bra will grow to accommodate your changing bust without restriction."

My Likes:

Comfortable... this felt like satin and silk against my skin. It didn't ride up, it didn't get stuck, it was a pure delight to wear.

Quality... this set took everything I threw at it from the washer to the dryer to baby teeth and stood the test. It still looks brand new!

Ease of Use... The snaps were so easy to do and undo, they never came undone on accident. That has happened in the past and it caused some unfortunate almost embarrassments.

My Not So Likes:

Rise... the rise of the briefs were pretty high and I would have probably preferred to size down. They showed over my jeans unless I scrunched them down and due to the nature of the fabric they didn't like to stay scrunched.

Overall... this set is a MUST for new moms! Try here for a chance to win a set... and here to buy one of your own!

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